E-booking: A relatively simple concept that can make a big difference (Part 2 of 2)

Benefits to patients

Often, when I try to book a medical appointment, it can be a frustrating experience as it means busy signals and waiting on hold. However, e-booking solutions can let patients book their own appointments, in a matter of seconds and at their own convenience. Canada Health Infoway recently launched an e-Booking Initiative designed to encourage the adoption of e-booking solutions.

As part of the initiative, we also released a white paper examining the benefits of e-booking for both clinics and patients. In Part 1 of this blog series, I examined the benefits to clinics. Now it’s time to look at the benefits to patients:

  1. Convenience. No more busy signals and an ability to book appointments 24/7.
  2. Time savings. One study found the time it took for patients to book an appointment was reduced by 80 per cent.
  3. Ease-of-use. Patients found online booking to be an easy process and said they would do it again.
  4. Making it easier for everyone else. Even patients who did not book appointments online benefited as there were fewer people booking calls through phones.
  5. e-Reminders. Patients can receive electronic alerts and reminders, which means fewer missed appointments.

Have you ever used e-booking to make a medical appointment? Tell us what you thought.

Fraser Ratchford

About Fraser Ratchford

Fraser has a passion for making a difference and focuses on improving the experiences of patients/consumers and clinicians alike. Fraser is the Group Program Director for Consumer Health and Innovation at Canada Health Infoway where he manages a broad portfolio of initiatives.
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One Response to E-booking: A relatively simple concept that can make a big difference (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Luluk Kurniawati says:

    I am very thrill with the idea of promoting e-booking for medical appointment. I had been using it few times for a lab visit with LifeLab and it is so convenient. It is easy to use. I can book, cancel my booking and reschedule it within only minutes at anytime and anywhere through either my ipad or phone. Excellent idea Fraser. You are brilliant!!!

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