Digital Health Can Help Empower Patients in their Battle with Cancer

It’s World Cancer Day today, and to raise awareness, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), along with its international partners, are asking people and organizations to take a pledge on what they can do to help fight the disease and support those who have it. Continue reading

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Infoway Sets Ambitious Goals for 2016-2017

We are all well aware of the core challenges facing Canada’s health care system: lack of an integrated and patient-centred system; the need to achieve sustainability through improved efficiency and value-for-money; and the need to share knowledge to improve services and system management. Continue reading

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Clinicians are Embracing Digital Health

It is no secret that the volume of medical knowledge is increasing exponentially every day. Continue reading

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We Made Quite an Impression – in Fact, we made 23 Million of Them

Last month, we asked Canadians to get together and “think digital health” in order to celebrate the difference digital health is making. Continue reading

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Can a Simple App Improve the Patient-Provider Relationship?

For anyone managing a chronic or life threatening condition, the value of investing time and effort in managing and understanding their health information is clear – poor or incomplete data can have a significant negative effect on their health. But the same is true for all of us – we can all benefit from tracking our health a little more closely. Continue reading

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Clinicians-in-Training Program Prepares Pharmacists for Digital Environments

It’s Digital Health Week – what an exciting time in the world of digital health! As an educator and the Executive Director of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC) – the national voice for academic pharmacy in Canada — I have been able to experience the ongoing growth of digital health innovation in education, and watch how it is helping to improve clinical practice and patient care. Continue reading

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Canadians are Embracing Digital Health

Canadians are no strangers to the virtual world, with a Canadian user visiting an average of 3,731 pages every month. It’s no surprise, then that Canadians also head online for health information, and, in fact, 72 per cent of family physicians refer patients to websites for information about their health care and lifestyle. But Canadians don’t just want general information — they also want access to their own health data as well, with more than 80 per cent saying they would like to take advantage of digital health solutions to view lab results and medication history electronically. These are just some of the interesting stats from Canada Health Infoway’s recent Report on Digital Health: Canadians embracing digital health infographic. Download the report and share your thoughts — would you like to access your health information online? Continue reading

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Telemedicine: Transforming our Health Care System, Transforming Lives

We often hear from providers, health care teams and organizations about the transformative effects telemedicine has had on our health care system, but nothing is as inspiring as patient stories. These stories touch our hearts and remind us why we do what we do. Take Otto and Ulla for example. Otto is 90 years old, and at 85, Ulla is his caregiver. Otto and Ulla have been married for 66 years and live together at home. Otto is struggling with a chronic illness and, as a result, has enrolled in Telehomecare. “It’s the best thing that ever happened, so you don’t have to go to the doctor and sit and wait, and wait, and wait….” OTN Telehomecare, a free-to-patients program supported by Canada Health Infoway and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, empowers patients to take control of their own health through coaching and by equipping them with self-monitoring tools. The program has had outstanding success in Ontario, with a more than 50 per cent reduction in hospital admissions and ER visits among Telehomecare patients. Ian, a former OTN Telehomecare patient said he was grateful that Telehomecare kept him out of the hospital because it was hard on […] Continue reading

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Nursing Faculty Peer Network Help Advance Understanding of Digital Health

Digital health technologies continue to transform the health system and the delivery of nursing care, making it essential for educators to ensure nursing students are exposed to digital health. Three years ago the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN) published Nursing Informatics Competencies that contain specific knowledge, skills and attitudes new nurses should possess upon completing their undergraduate nursing program. A toolkit with information on various elements related to the competencies, and teaching strategies and tools, was developed to support uptake and integration of the competencies. Though much was accomplished by creating the competencies and the toolkit, CASN and Canada Health Infoway (Infoway), who supported the initiative through their Clinicians-in-Training program, felt more needed to be done to support this transition. Last year, with funding from Infoway, CASN began a second phase of the Clinicians-in-Training project and formed the Digital Health Nursing Faculty Peer Network. Ten nursing faculty, who are champions of digital health, were selected to lead the Network. The first meeting of the Peer Leaders occurred in early 2015 and focused on the Network logistics and creating connections with nursing faculty. Three weeks ago, I was able to attend the second meeting of the Peer Leaders, and […] Continue reading

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Join HCSMCA Tweet Chat on Patients, Providers and the Future of Health Care

If you’re looking for Canadians, apparently you have to look online: According to Statistics Canada, 83 per cent of households had access to the internet in 2012 and Ipsos Reid reports that nearly half of us have actively looked for health information online. Continue reading

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