Congratulations to Kathryn Hannah for Being Appointed to the Order of Canada

Authored by: Maureen Charlebois and Jennifer Zelmer It’s always wonderful to see a friend receive well-deserved recognition so we are delighted to celebrate Dr. Kathryn Hannah’s appointment as a Member (C.M.) of the Order of Canada on July 1, 2015. The honour was bestowed upon her for her efforts to advance the use of health care technology in Canada. It reflects Kathryn’s deep contributions to health informatics in Canada and elsewhere. Continue reading

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The Change Leader is a Jack of All Trades

Successful change leaders need knowledge that covers many areas due to the wide range of changes they lead and the people they support. I have tried to compile a list of skills and knowledge areas a change leader should have, acknowledging not all change leaders can have all them all. Continue reading

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The Value of Certification Services

Before I took on a new role as the Group Director for Infoway’s Certification Services program, Infoway had partnered with the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) to conduct a joint review of digital health certification services in Canada. Continue reading

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What’s Hiding in your Data?

We at Infoway, and a few of our partners, had some nagging questions about our healthcare system.  Questions for which we needed answers, but didn’t have them:  duplication rates for tests and exams, follow-up rates for abnormal tests, or the impact of prompt discharge summaries on re-admission.  I would imagine many of you have unanswered questions, too. Continue reading

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Successes and Lesson Learned; e-Booking Initiative Participants

The benefits of electronic patient appointment booking (“e-booking”) seem to be straightforward and easy to anticipate for patients. Compared to conventional appointment scheduling, e-booking is convenient, saves time and can result in improved patient and provider satisfaction. Generally speaking, once a practice has begun to use an e-booking solution, their patients and staff cannot imagine ever going back. Continue reading

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Cancer Led Me to Digital Health and I Haven’t Looked Back Since

National Cancer Survivors Day is June 7.  As a cancer survivor, I am marking this a special day by sharing my story of how digital health helped me throughout my cancer journey. Continue reading

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Telehealth saves Dr. Picard’s patients from hours of travel

No one likes taking time from their busy lives to go to the doctor’s office. Imagine if that trip required hours of travel? Worse still, imagine making that trip while dealing with pain and mobility issues caused by arthritis — all for a simple follow-up. These are the issues many of Dr. Léo Picard’s patients have to deal with, and this is why he uses telehealth. Continue reading

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Improving the Quality of patient care in Canada through clinical interoperability

Authored by: Dr. Peter Rossos, CMIO & Gastroenterologist, UHN and Trevor Hodge, Executive Vice President, Canada Health Infoway CMIO & Gastroenterologist, UHN                           There is no doubt that we have made great strides in Canada on increasing adoption and use of digital health systems.  Surveys are now showing that more than 250,000 Canadian healthcare professionals currently depend on access to electronic health information from outside their organizations to make treatment decisions. Continue reading

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What would you do with more time?

Couldn’t we all use a little more time in the day? More time for family … more time for fun? I know I could and I know I’m not alone. Continue reading

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