The ‘big picture’ of radiologists and physicians’ views on digital imaging repositories

From system efficiencies, to enhanced care, the shift from film-based medical images to digital ones has been an unqualified success across the country with significant benefits realized for radiologists, patients and the health system overall. Continue reading

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How is the Pharmacists-in-Training Project similar to a “barn-raising?”

When a colleague likened the development of the Informatics for Pharmacy Students e-Resource to a proverbial “barn-raising,” I was intrigued.  Continue reading

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EMR adoption and patient empowerment among top digital health successes for 2014

January is tough! It’s back to work after the holidays, the weather is lousy and I’m faced with the guilt that I’ve never made a resolution that I’ve kept for more than a week – except for the year that I resolved not to make any resolutions! About the only thing I like about January are the lists. There’s nothing better than sitting in front of the fire in sweatpants, bag of chips in hand (hence no resolutions), reading top ten lists — best movies, biggest celebrities, hottest gadgets. That got me thinking — what would make my personal top ten digital health list? This blog isn’t long enough for a full top ten but I think my top two digital health successes for 2014 would be EMR adoption and patient engagement/empowerment. The 2014 National Physician Survey (NPS) results that were published in December reported a significant increase in the number of physicians who are using technology to manage their patients’ health.   Nationally, 77 per cent of Canadian primary care physicians now use community-based electronic medical records (up from 24 per cent in 2007) — this is significant progress! And it doesn’t stop there: Use of digital tools used other […] Continue reading

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Digital imaging has been a significant step forward in digital health care innovation

When I talk with family and friends, I am able to share a lot of information with them about the progress that has been made in digital health in Canada. Thanks to Digital Health Week shining the spotlight on this progress, Canadians who might not have been “in the know” are now able to start their own conversations about the impact that digital health is having on their lives, and the promise it holds for the future. Continue reading

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Why Interoperability? Why Now?

We often talk about digital health as a journey.  A fully digital health system in Canada is coming together albeit with lots of starts and stops on the way.  We, the professionals engaged in the journey, alternate between enthusiasm and fatigue.  The complexity of connecting systems together, sharing information across organization boundaries while adhering to all organization policies, supporting clinical practice and maintaining the utmost respect for the patient, is not a trivial challenge. Continue reading

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Clinicians in Training: Nurses in Training Project in Review

Next year will mark 40 years since I graduated from nursing school eager to start my first new job as a registered nurse working in my home town. Much has changed for the nursing profession in the past 40 years, including the advent of digital health. Always eager to take advantage of enabling technology to support professional practice, I’ve developed a certain amount of expertise in this area. Continue reading

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Sustainable change management requires an effective change leader

After 15+ years leading change in health care across Western Canada and the U.S., I believe change management is misunderstood. People underestimate the impact a good change management strategy can have on the success of an initiative. Continue reading

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That’s a Wrap on Digital Health Week

Today is the final day of Digital Health Week, and we’ve had a fantastic time celebrating all the great strides that have been made by Canadians to implement digital health solutions. What a week it has been! Continue reading

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The results are in for the Public Health Social Media Campaign

In the words of our President and CEO, Michael Green, “in today’s digital world, there are many ways to deliver a message”. When I worked in Public Health [a few years back], I was always an advocate for using digital health.  Back then, social media was not yet on the radar.  That said, it is inspiring to see that public health organizations from across Canada have embraced this innovative way of reaching their audience.  Continue reading

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Digital Health Week: Thank you to our supporters

We’re now halfway through #digitalhealthweek so this is a great time to extend thanks to the storytellers and national organizations that are supporting this initiative. At its essence, #digitalhealthweek is about celebrating the stories, the people, and the partners who are helping move digital health forward by sharing their experiences and showcasing the benefits of digital health. Continue reading

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