EMRs can save you from constantly repeating your medical history

You’d be hard pressed to find a high school or university student that hasn’t spent countless hours preparing for their mid-term or final exam using a finely honed system of rote memorization through repetition. Fast forward 15 years and as a mother of a busy toddler, I find myself constantly repeating the same three words that I hope will one day sink in … “No!” … “Please!” … “Careful!” The usual outcome with this approach is that it’s in one ear and out the other. Continue reading

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eMedRec Toolkit eases transition to electronic medication reconciliation

The intent of medication reconciliation (MedRec) is to ensure effective communication about patients’ medications at healthcare transition points. And although it is a patient safety practice required by Accreditation Canada, implementing MedRec across the continuum of care continues to be a challenging task. Continue reading

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Even Better Health Together!

Over the course of the summer, I had the opportunity to meet with a number of jurisdictions and national health organizations to discuss Better Health Together, Infoway’s public education campaign. The campaign was launched in September of last year to raise the level of awareness among Canadians about the benefits of digital health. Continue reading

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Greg’s story: Digital health and continuity of patient care

Greg Price was a young man who died in 2012 after spending much of the previous year navigating a disconnected health care system. The Alberta Health Quality Council reviewed Greg’s case and made several recommendations, including how digital health could have helped improve communications among teams in his circle of care and empowered Greg with the information he needed to navigate his health care journey. Here is Greg’s story.   Greg’s father, David Price, and the Alberta Health Quality Council report’s author, Ward Flemons, also shared further details regarding Greg’s journey and the report’s process and findings at the 2014 Advancing Care Symposium. Continue reading

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Camryn’s story: EMRs enable care teams to more easily find her information

Camryn is an energetic child who loves to play air hockey, collect stickers, colour and play outside. But she also has a number of health issues which mean frequent trips to five different clinics at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. In the past, her care team had to wade through thick paper files in search of test results. However, since the implementation of an electronic medical record (EMR), Camryn’s care team can more easily find the information they are looking for and quickly share it with their colleagues. Here is Camryn’s story. Continue reading

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Advancing Care – How the possibilities of digital health are closer to becoming a reality for Canadians

This year’s Advancing Care Peer Leader Symposium was a reminder to us about why collaboration at all levels of health care is so important. Conversations between health leaders, from across the country and beyond, continue to be an essential step in delivering more efficient and effective health care for patients and clinicians through the use of digital health tools. Opening with a compelling patient experience, it laid the foundation of this year’s theme: Optimizing the Use and Value of Digital Health. Continue reading

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Paper examines gap between desire for and use of digital consumer health solution

Eight in ten Canadians want online access to their personal health information. Four per cent have it. We took those statistics as our starting point for investigating the current use of consumer health solutions, as well as enablers and barriers to their widespread adoption. Continue reading

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Finding a smaller, more targeted audience may be the key to success in social media

Having just started tweeting, I was excited to join Infoway’s recent Public Health Social Media Challenge Expert Q&A Session. Teams from our Public Health Social Media Challenge were given the opportunity to pose questions to our panel of experts. They asked some challenging questions and received some great advice. Continue reading

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Canadian Nurses are prepared to be leaders in digital health

In May 2014, Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) in partnership with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) released the results of the first ever quantitative survey which measured nurses in direct practice access, use and perception of using digital health tools in their practice.    Continue reading

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Put your audience first when devising a social media plan

I recently had the pleasure of hosting our second Expert Forum. For one hour, teams participating in our ImagineNation Public Health Social Media Challenge presented their social media initiatives to receive feedback from a group of experts. The Public Health Social Media Challenge is designed to inspire public health organizations in Canada to use social media in creative and innovative ways to reach out to and connect with their audience. Continue reading

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